Comarca de Daroca, tu destino seguro. ¡Te esperamos!


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The House of the Villages where time becomes your friend

Situated in quiet side street in the ancient Jewish quarter of the medieval town of Daroca this hotel offers exceptional views of the castle and the encircling wall. Its private inner courtyard with its aromatic plants and its cosy lounge create an ambience of relaxation and well-being.

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Seven apartments furnished in a time-less style, inspired by Nordic design "Made in Spain". Fully equipped up to the very last detail, so that you feel at home away from home.


Until 1838 the building was the seat of the "Comunidad de Aldeas de Daroca", a medieval territorial organisation dating back to the year 1248. The apartments are named after the different localities which formed part of this organisation to honor the heritage of the building.


Discover Daroca and environmentDiscover Daroca and environment

Daroca and its surroundings offer inumerable opportunities for those how have a special interest in culture and art, history, nature and gastronomy. However, it is also, quite simply, a wonderful place to relax and enjoy.